April 2022 Update

COVID-19 undermined food security and nutrition through direct and indirect [...]

April 2022 Update2022-05-08T07:31:50+00:00

March’ 22 Update

The pandemic disrupted facility-based services with reduced access to government [...]

March’ 22 Update2022-03-29T08:27:29+00:00

February’ 22 Update

The onset of COVID-19 and the related economic crisis and [...]

February’ 22 Update2022-02-20T08:16:13+00:00

January’ 22 Update

School meals are a critical source of nutrition for millions [...]

January’ 22 Update2022-01-12T15:44:08+00:00

December 21 Update

India still has high rates of child undernutrition and mortality [...]

December 21 Update2021-12-14T10:39:55+00:00

October 21 Update

In the Global Hunger Index 2020, India fell in the [...]

October 21 Update2021-10-04T09:11:12+00:00

September 21 Update

The economic downturn caused by Covid-19 is projected to [...]

September 21 Update2021-09-07T08:32:43+00:00

August 21 Update

In 2020, globally, 149.2 million children under the age [...]

August 21 Update2021-08-30T10:41:03+00:00

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